What We Do?

At theweddingpot.com, we believe that wedding gifts should reflect what newly weds desire. Our innovative wedding gift registry enables couples to select any gift, despite its costs, and have multiple guests contribute towards it. This way we aim to bridge the gap between what the lucky couple really want and what they actually receive.

We know how difficult planning a wedding can be. It can all seem a bit daunting! But after all the efforts and the "I DO's", the newly wed couple should look forward to starting their lives together with some lush wedding gifts!

This is where the weddingpot.com steps in. We exist to help the lucky couple define their dream wedding gifts, and inform their guests of them. Multiple guests can then contribute to the couple's predefined weddingpot and the power of pooled contributions will be evident. 

No longer do the wishes of the couple need to be restricted by the budget of a single guest. The weddingpot.com is here to help newly weds get their dream wedding gifts on that special day.