Frequently Asked Questions


How do we create our own weddingpot?

Once you have followed our free and easy to use registration, the couple is able to create their very own wedding gift registry. After completing the easy to use setup, the couple can create their personal wedding pot by either coming up with your their very own pot ideas or browsing and selecting our pot ideas. Either way, remember that multiple guests will contribute to your pots, so do not shy back!

Can we determine/change our order of weddingpot preferences?

The couple can drag and drop their selected weddingpots in order to demonstrate their order of preference. This will make it easier for their guests to know which weddingpots they want the most and in what order they want it in.

We want to add a specific weddingpot, but cannot find it under gift/pot ideas?

Our idea tool is just a database of ideas that we thought our users might enjoy. If you can not find your wedding pot in our database of awesome ideas, we reccommend that you create your own weddingpot. This way you have the freedom to create your unique weddingpot. We are always trying to increase our database to suit our users- if you have an interesting weddingpot idea that you think we should add to our database please let us email us at

Is there an upper limit to the size of a weddingpot?

No – all pots can be as potentially large as you wish. Your guests are free to donate as much as they like with no upper limit. However, we recommend that our users are realistic in their expectations and advise our couples to use our to estimate the total value of your gifts. 

When will release our contributed funds?

Theweddingpot will only release the funds (post fees) on or after the wedding day. Once the couple informs that they wish to release the funds the collected contributions will be transfered to the couple in the payment method requested under the setup section.

Can I change a target after I have sent the notification to my guests?

Yes. The couple can log in and edit their cash pot target at anytime.

What are the fees involved? will charge a fixed 4% fee on all contributions collected on behalf of the couple. The couple are not subject to any other fees or any other hidden costs. Our payment scheme is simple. You do not pay anything in advance and only pay according to how much collects on your behalf. 

How do we inform our guests of our finalized weddingpot?

In the wedding pot portal you can either manually update the specific contact details of your guests using the downloadable template, alternatively couples can upload their contacts gmail making it simple to inform all your guests.

Can we thank our guests for their contributions?

A "thank guests" tool is available after your big day – Here the couple can send a personal thank you message to all those kind guests that contributed to the weddingpot. 

What happens if not enough money is contributed to a weddingpot?

The money contributed towards the pot is always your money, and we do not penalise you if your guest do not contribute as much as you had hoped for.




How do we view a couples wedding pot?

All required information will be viewable in the notification sent across from the couple to the guest. If however, you have can not find the email, you can click "Forgotten List ID" and a new email notification will be resent to the registered email address All required information will be viewable in the notification email. 

Why do we have to pay a service fee when contributing?

In order to make payments on the website a merchant account charges fees for contributions, in this case the guest is covering these fees determined by PayPal. has taken the view that it is the couples big day, and so these fees are best covered by the generous guests.

Why do I need to be logged in before making a contribution?

In order to make a contribution the guests must also register. Registration is purly for verification purposes – without verification and therefore the couple will not know who contributed how much. In short without guest registration the weddingpot would not be able to let the couple know how much each guest contributed. We ask that all guests use their real names and email addresses when contributing.




Who can I contact if I have any further questions that are not addressed in this section?


You can send any additional questions to