Terms & Conditions


1 The purpose of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "T&C") is to establish the terms and conditions of the relationship between the BENEFICIARIES, THEWEDDINGPOT, GUESTS, COUPLES and any other service USER. These T&C compliment the General Terms and Conditions of THEWEDDINGPOT.com. In the event of any contradictions between the T&C and the General Conditions, the latter shall take precedence over the former.

2 By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the USER indicates that he or she is fully aware of and accepts all the conditions of this Contract. Refusal to accept these conditions shall result in access to the Service provided by THEWEDDINGPOT being denied.



THEWEDDINGPOT, through the options described below, offers any private individuals (hereinafter referred to as the "COUPLE") planning to celebrate a wedding (hereinafter, the "WEDDING") a Gift Registry (hereinafter, the "WEDDING REGISTRY") related to said Wedding, and to enable access to that PAGE to any person (hereinafter, the "GUEST") that the COUPLE so choose, enabling the GUEST (hereinafter, the "CONTRIBUTOR") to pay (hereinafter, the "CONTRIBUTION") for any products (hereinafter, the "POT") that said BENEFICIARIES have included in their WEDDING REGISTRY.


1 The Service provided by THEWEDDINGPOT enables the COUPLE to create a WEDDING REGISTRY. To create the WEDDING REGISTRY, THEWEDDINGPOT provides the COUPLE with a Database where GIFTS can be selected as well created and/or incorporated into the WEDDING REGISTRY.

2 The GUEST will be able to make a CONTRIBUTION payment through credit card payment methods (Visa and Mastercard) following the procedure established on the Website.


1 THEWEDDINGPOT assigns a WEDDINGPOT Account to the COUPLE in which CONTRIBUTIONS made by the GUESTS will be entered. 2 The complete list of the cost of the service are indicated in the “Q&A” section and are subject to change.

3 COUPLES may receive email notification each time a GUEST makes a CONTRIBUTION if they have asked for such a notification during the setup stage. COUPLES shall be responsible for verifying the identity of the CONTRIBUTORS to their WEDDING REGISTRY and for ensuring that the CONTRIBUTIONS have been made in accordance with the Service offered by THEWEDDINGPOT. The COUPLE can NOT reject CONTRIBUTIONS and so should distribute their WEDDING REGISTRY at their own risk.

4 CONTRIBUTIONS made by the GUESTS shall be made available to the COUPLE only after payment has actually been received by THEWEDDINGPOT.

5 In the event that a CONTRIBUTION is fraudulent (that is, a bad check, transactions with cancelled credit cards, etc.) or is not finalized (that is, a payment by transfer or check that never reaches THEWEDDINGPOT), THEWEDDINGPOT will notify the COUPLE. The CONTRIBUTION will be cancelled and the COUPLES' Account will not be credited. The COUPLES shall not hold THEWEDDINGPOT, or any of its employees liable.

6 The CONTRIBUTIONS made by GUESTS will stay with the THEWEDDINGPOT and released after the wedding date as defined by the COUPLE. THEWEDDINGPOT uses that account exclusively for the payment of funds for gifts and transfers to COUPLES.

7 By default, credit card payment charges are not deducted from the CONTRIBUTIONS made by GUESTS; rather these charges are added to the total amount of the CONTRIBUTION when a GUEST makes the payment.



1 In order to place Transfer Orders, COUPLES must provide the relevant Bank Account or PayPal details during their set-up. The COUPLE is solely responsible to ensure that the correct transfer details are uploaded. THEWEDDINGPOT will not take any responsibility in guaranteeing the legitimacy of the Bank Account or PayPal details provided by the COUPLE.

2 The balance of the THEWEDDINGPOT Account associated with the Wedding will be managed by THEWEDDINGPOT until the COUPLE release their funds. This release order will only be available on or after the wedding date. If no release order is made, THEWEDDINGPOT will automatically release funds to the COUPLES’ pre-defined payment option six months after the wedding date.

3 Once the release order has been received, the transfer will be made within five (5) business days. In some cases, intermediaries that handle international wire transfers from the THEWEDDINGPOT account to the client account may apply additional fees after the full transfer amount has been dispersed from the THEWEDDINGPOT account. THEWEDDINGPOT will not be held responsible for these fees applied to outgoing and incoming wire transfers. THEWEDDINGPOT shall not be liable for the use made by the COUPLE of the balance transferred to their Bank/PayPal Account.

4 Should either of the COUPLE become incapacitated or die before fulfilling the requirements established in Section 1 of this article, THEWEDDINGPOT will send 100% of the amount received, to the unharmed beneficiary. THEWEDDINGPOT will not get involved with the legal guardian or heir of the person who has been declared incapacitated or who has died.

5 The COUPLE are to agree to resolve any disputes that may arise between them regarding future distribution of the CONTRIBUTIONS received deriving from the Wedding, without the mediation of THEWEDDINGPOT.


1 Should the Wedding be cancelled, the COUPLE must immediately notify THEWEDDINGPOT and the CONTRIBUTORS. In any case, THEWEDDINGPOT will transfer the funds to the couple and all disputes that may arise are to be handled without the mediation of THEWEDDINGPOT.

2 Cancellation of the Wedding shall lead to the closure of the WEDDING REGISTRY. The amount of the CONTRIBUTIONS already transferred to the COUPLES' Bank Account will be the sole responsibility of the latter and CONTRIBUTORS may not contact THEWEDDINGPOT regarding this issue.

3 THEWEDDINGPOT shall not be held liable for any lawsuits that arise between the CONTRIBUTORS and the COUPLE as a result of the cancellation of a Wedding and the reimbursement of the CONTRIBUTIONS. Under no circumstances will THEWEDDINGPOT act as a mediator in any disputes that may arise between the CONTRIBUTORS and the COUPLE, nor between the COUPLE.



1 USERS agree to use the Service in accordance with these T&C, the law, morality, generally accepted good customs and public order. 2 USERS agree not to publish content on the Personal GIFT IDEAS that may be offensive and that is not in keeping with applicable law. 3 USERS waive the right to take any actions against ZANKYOU or ask for responsibilities due to the data published on their GIFT IDEAS.


1 The COUPLES state that they are of legal age and are legally qualified to contract the Services offered by THEWEDDINGPOT. 2 The COUPLES must register online on the Website and read and accept these T&C before using the Service. By accepting them, the COUPLES:

a. State that they are liable for the authenticity of the Wedding, as well as for the truthfulness of the information provided

b. Guarantee that the content published on the same is in keeping with applicable law and the dignity of the people. The COUPLE will use graphic material or text to which they must ensure usage rights. The COUPLE agree never to use the Service for any purpose unrelated to the Wedding.

c. Are responsible for proper use of their Password and Access/Security Code to their GIFT IDEAS. The COUPLE must notify THEWEDDINGOT immediately, in a certifiable manner, of the loss or theft of their Password, fully assuming the consequences derived from the same until said notification is given. Once the notification has been received, THEWEDDINGPOT will assign a new Password.

3 The COUPLE waive the right to take any actions against THEWEDDINGPOT to defend their image, intellectual property and private life due to the data published.

4 The COUPLE agree to resolve any dispute that may arise between them regarding the content of the Personal GIFT IDEAS without the mediation of THEWEDDINGPOT.


1 CONTRIBUTORS must accept these T&C in order to make a CONTRIBUTION, by doing so CONTRIBUTORS agree to:

a. Guarantee the truthfulness of the information regarding their identity and email address when making a CONTRIBUTION and accept that this information be sent to the COUPLE.

b. Declare that they are responsible for making the CONTRIBUTION to the appropriate WEDDING REGISTRY and exempt THEWEDDINGPOT of any responsibility for mistakes they make when identifying the WEDDING REGISTRY of the Wedding.

c. Accept that CONTRIBUTIONS are irrevocable and cannot be reimbursed by THEWEDDINGPOT except for the cases described in the following section and in Article 2.5.

d. State that they are liable for the truthfulness of the information included on the GIFT IDEAS, and they guarantee that the content published on the same is in keeping with applicable law and the dignity of the people. CONTRIBUTORS may only use graphic material or text on their Personal GIFT IDEAS or on the WEDDING REGISTRY to which they hold the corresponding usage rights. CONTRIBUTORS agree never to use the Service for any purpose unrelated to the Wedding.